Battery Solution Case In Daily Life

Every morning,you have to turn off the annoying alarm clock,then in a hurry to brush your teeth or shave a beard before work.When you come back home,you will play hand held games to relax yourself. All the things you’ve done is closely linked to the electricity. That’s because we are living in an electricity era.


Actually,electrical power needs to be provided by a socket.In order to make electricity available everywhere,portable batteries have been invented.So are you clear the battery types of things you’re seeing or using in our daily life?I have something to tell you !


Generally,the alarm o’clock,toy or toys remote,smoke alarms,walkie-talkie,portable radio,microphone,flashlights,digital camera in our daily life are suitable for 9V Lithium battery.

While AA lithium battery can be used for hand held games,digital camera,smoke detectors,and blink home security camera.

Also,RCR123A lithium battery is always used in Garden lights,solar panel light,security system panels,shaver,tooth brush,and LED flashlight.

Another,laptop battery for HP、Dell M5Y1K、Toshiba and the 13-inch A1405 Apple MacBook Air is the solution we’re talking about,too.

All listed about battery Solution Case are some common applications.

More applications await your discovery.

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