You know that you can also change a tire by craftsman? power tool-craftsman battery


In daily life, cars have entered thousands of households, people are very comfortable driving cars, but the car will inevitably encounter problems such as tire punctures, air leaks and so on, and also need to regularly replace four tires, this time to master a necessary small skills, such as changing tires, can help you quickly solve the trouble on the road.

So, do you know how to change a tire?craftsman battery-1

Now let’s generalize the principles.

  1. First of all, screw several of the tires with a wrench loose, must be hard, because the screws are generally very tight.

In some vehicles, the screws are covered with a guard plate. The guard plate should be checked with a hook first.

  1. Why not start to jack up the car and then screw it up?

That’s because it’s so hard to screw the tires when they’re off the ground, and the tires follow the wheel, so it’s easy to screw them up in advance, and it’s easy to screw them off when you’re jacking up the car.

  1. Before jacking the car with jacks, place the jack in a good position, and make sure to put it under the edge of the strongest steel plate of the car.

Note that the top notch of the jack should be properly stuck.

  1. When using the jack, put the rocker in the right position. Although the jack is of various types, the principle is the same: lift the jack by twisting and then lift the car.
  2. When lifting the car with the jack, as long as the tire is a certain distance away from the ground, you can turn the tire without lifting it too high.

Then use a wrench to remove all the screws, when the screw is very loose, you can use the hand off.

  1. Take off the tire gently, and then install the new tire. You can first use your hand to screw up a few screws, until you cannot move.

Use a wrench to screw again, must be diagonal screw, that is, separate a screw, on a diagonal screw first, do not screw deviation, otherwise the tire installation is not strong.

Don’t screw the car down too hard.


As technology advances, there is now an advanced power tool called craftsman that can replace a traditional wrench.

To make better use of this tool, you need to have a replacement battery as a companion.And the website sells the craftsman battery for your power tool,which is high quality and low price.

This allows you to easily replace your tires with these steps whenever and wherever you want, so remember to stock up to replace the battery!A good craftsman battery backup can also greatly improve the efficiency of your tools and help you quickly get out of trouble on the road.

  1. After dropping the jack, tighten the screw at the Angle of the screw. Use both hands to press the spanner until the screw stops working.
  2. Finally, screw the guard plate.

Actually, there is a certain process to change the tire. The most important thing for us is to pay attention to the skills and proper selection and use of tools, so that we can change the tire ourselves!

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