1. How to get the Free Battery Replacement Services?

Join F3 CLUB and become a SVIP, you can get the service for free. If you will not renew SVIP at the second year, this service is still continue. It is valid lifetime.(F3 CLUB reserves the rights to the final interpretation.)

Currently this service only applies to model ETB1830B and ETB1840B (Hereinafter referred to as Enegitech power tool battery ).

You can become a SVIP of F3 Club by any of below links:



2. Where you can buy Enegitech power tool battery? Any of below channels is acceptable:


Amazon: https://amzn.to/2lS4H3G

eBay: https://ebay.to/2kQuIAb

Sears: https://www.sears.com/seller/Enegitech


3. Free Battery Replacement Services Limitations

F3 Club only provides the Free Battery Exchange Services for members who bought and use Enegitech power tool battery in America.   


4. Service Details

(1) From 1st, January, 2020, as long as you are a SVIP of F3 Club, you can enjoy this Free Battery Replacement Services.It is valid lifetime.

(2)The maximum of free battery replacement is no more than 3 times a year (refers to the natural year from the date of delivery of the Enegitech tool battery);

(3)F3 Club need you to provide below information only for Battery Replacement Services verification.


SVIP Number*       __________________________

Full Name:*     __________________________

Email:*          __________________________

Battery Purchase Channel:* __________________________

Battery Purchase Number:* __________________________

Battery Purchase Date:*  __________________________

Address Line 1:*   __________________________

Address Line 2:*  __________________________

City:*            ______________________________

State/Region:*    ______________________________

Postal Code:*   ______________________________

Country/Region:* ______________________________

Phone Number:*   ______________________________


(4)If you have a replacement request, you should contact F3 Club official customer service first and provide relevant information to verify (including purchase channel, order number, purchaser’s full name ,  phone number, home address, etc.). Refuse or failure to provide battery order details will not be eligible to enjoy the Free Battery Replacement Services.

(5)After approval by F3 customer service, you can go to F3 Club official designated service center or mail the battery to the service center. You need to bear the cost of shipping batteries and F3 Club will undertake the cost of sending new batteries to you.

(6)We do not accept freight collect for all parcels and we will not undertake the return shipping cost. So you should pay for the shipping before sending batteries.

(7)We do not provide replacement services to those who ship batteries or go to the service center without contacting in advance or getting approval by F3 Club,and we will not responsible for parcel return cost.

(8)Battery must be replaced in equal quantity. An old battery can only be replaced with a new one at a time.


5. Services Termination

F3 Club shall cancel the Free Battery Replacement Services for any of following situations:

  1. Modify or disassemble batteries without authorization.
  2. Batteries not purchased through Enegitech authorized official channels.
  3. Second-hand Enegitech power tool batteries.
  4. If you resell the battery to other person or any third party during the service period, you and your battery will no longer enjoy the Free Replacement Services.