So how does 18v cordless impact wrench brushless compare to the LXT?

18v cordless impact wrench has more speed and power than LXT, which is more than enough to meet your requirements.


How much torque does 18V impact wrench brushless have?

The average torque for a ½ inch impact wrench is 300 ft. /lbs. which is more than enough for heavy tasks. This means that by using a larger wrench with more torque can strip bolts or nuts of tires and construction projects.


Can I use an 18V impact wrench brushless for my car?

An impact wrench is an extremely useful tool in comparison to any tools that are used for household repairs. This 18V impact wrench is extremely designed for use with cars.


The mode button doesn't respond in a forward direction. It only responds in reverse direction with an auto stoplight on at max speed. Is it normal?

Yes, it is absolutely normal because the auto stop is only for reverse


Does impact wrench work with the new “star” protected Makita batteries? And does it actually use the overload and overheat protection?

It fits all. It has an excellent impact which sucks 5/8’ carriage bolts into beams that are treated with pressure.


Is it a clone of Makita?

Yes, it is a clone of Makita 1000/100 but it more powerful and multifunctional than Makita


Does this come with a battery and charger?

No, this does not come with a battery and charger. Only the bare tool is made available to customers.


Is the torque strong enough to remove a camshaft bolt?

Yes, the torque is strong enough to remove a camshaft bolt.


Will 18v impact wrench remove lug nuts on a car?

Yes, it will smoothly remove lug nuts on a car but for this, you need the torque of 3097 in.lbs which will support M10 M14 and M16 bolts only.


How many foot-pounds of torque does 18v impact wrench have?

18V impact wrench has 250 ft. lbs. foot-pounds of torque