As the name suggests hand tools need manual labor for usage whereas power tool has a power source that allows them to operate automatically which out any kind of manual help. The power source from where the power tool draws its energy can be a battery, air compressor or electricity. It also has a motor and another mechanism that allow them to perform efficiently and more powerfully than their manual counterparts.

On the other hand, hand tool or manual tools have fewer moving parts and their design is not intricate in nature. To recapitulate the entire thing, it can be said that power tool runs with the help of a battery or electricity, whereas hand tool relies on human power to operate making it slightly inconvenient in the ear of technological advancements. The common difference between the hand tool and the power tool is the manner in which they operate.

The biggest advantage of using a hand tool is that it does not have to depend on electricity to be operated. Moreover, it gives its users more control over the movement of the tool making it ideal for wood carving and tasks that require fine detail work. However, the biggest disadvantage of hand tool is that they are not as powerful as power tools. It also takes huge time to complete a task because of this lack of power.

On the other hand, the power tool has proved to be superior in this respect as it is equipped with motors and use power for its operation. They are more precise because they move quickly. 18V power tool is advanced and more efficient in comparison to other tools.