As the name suggests the power tool operates on drawing power from sources like electricity and battery. This brings us to another topic of what safety measures should be taken while using these power tools. Whether it is a hand tool or power tool some guides are required to be followed revolving around its usage.

Let us discuss what precautions should be taken in order to use a power tool. The non-manual tool can be hazardous when not used properly. There are several types of power tools based on the power sources that are used by them such as electricity, hydraulic, liquid fuel and powder-actuated.

The fundamental step is to train the employees in using all of these tools not just power tool. Proper guidance and training are required so that they become aware of its pros and cons and how these tools are handled. Simply experimenting with them is not a good idea in my opinion. They are required to understand the potential hazards as well as the safety precautions to prevent those hazards from taking place. Power tool safety must be the foremost priority for its users.

The following points are general precautions that should be considered by users of power tool:

  • One should not carry a tool by hose or cord
  • Never yank the hose or the cord to disconnect it from the receptacle
  • Cord and hoses should be kept away from heat, oil and sharp edges
  • Tools must e disconnected when not in use, before servicing and when changing accessories such as bits, cutters and blades
  • Proper care should be given while maintaining these tools. They should be kept clean and sharp for the best performance.

Same precautions are required to be followed in other tools such as Impact drivers.