Is the question of how to dispose of a LiPo battery bugging your mind? Well, you no longer need to worry as we are here to your rescue. Today’s post will help you know what an appropriate way to dispose of a lithium polymer battery is.

LiPo batteries have got bundles of energy stored in them and this is why you need to be very careful when it comes to their disposal as even a little mishandling of the same could lead their stored energy to get released at once and this could, in turns lead to the explosion of your battery. If you notice that your LiPo battery is puffed up or has been physically damaged then make sure that you dispose of it as soon as possible as a battery in such a condition could cause it to explode.

The first and the foremost thing that you should take care of while disposing of your LiPo battery is to get ensured that it is fully discharged and that there is no electrical charge left in it. In order to discharge your lithium polymer battery, you could make use of a LiPo discharger. Once your LiPo battery is completely discharged, take a plastic bucket fill it with water and add about 30 gms of salt for every liter. Then submerge your battery in the water and leave it in a fire-proof place for at least 2 weeks. You could them remove the LiPo battery from water, wrap it in a paper and then your battery is all set to be thrown away in the trash.