Lithium-ion or Li-On batteries have seen a significant increase in usage over recent years. There are some significant advantages to using them over traditional battery technology. To understand why you should be upgrading to Li-On batteries, it is helpful to know the advantages that it offers.  

Energy Density: Li-On batteries are energy dense, which means that you can have more power in a smaller battery. Battery efficiency is also high, which is why Li-On batteries are used heavily in modern day smart phones, tablets, and other technological equipment.

No Priming Needed: Traditional rechargeable batteries need to be primed before charging them for the first time; Lithium-ion batteries do not need priming and can be used out of the box.

Low Maintenance: There is no special maintenance needed with Lithium-ion batteries. For example, Ni-Cad batteries need to be discharged from time to time, but Li-On batteries have no such requirement. With most Li-On battery types being operable at harsh usage conditions, there are no safety hazards that get in the way.  

Types of Batteries: Lithium Ion batteries are not restricted to a single type of device. In fact, you will find high current density Li-On batteries being used in power tools and electric cars as well as portable batteries in smart phones and other small equipment.

The versatility that Lithium Ion batteries offer is quite impressive, and these key advantages make them truly the best in battery technology. Research on the technology is helping Lithium-Ion batteries improve even further to reach maximum potential.