The battery is an electric cell which is regarded as a device that generates electricity from the reactions of chemical. With changing technology there has been an evolution of batteries and has been made more advanced. The word battery was first coined in the year 1748 by Benjamin Franklin in order to define a range of glass plates that are charged. After that between 1780-1786 Luigi Galvani has given a demonstration of the process.

Finally, in the year 1800, Alessandro Volta took the first practical step in producing electricity. This is how batteries can into existence. For quite a long-time battery are with us and has been reformed in a more advanced manner with time.  In the year 1859 lead-acid battery which is one of the most enduring batteries were invented. Till now the technology applies this to start the most internal combustion engine. This can be cited as one of the primitive examples of rechargeable batteries.

However, with time outlook and capacity of batteries have changed. Presently batteries come in an array of sizes from mammoth Megawatt sizes to tiny batteries that are used in electronic watches. Earlier people used to use giant batteries which now has undergone a process of metamorphosis and has become more convenient. Now people are anticipating that battery technology is preparing to take a huge leap with more technologically advanced models which will have the capacity to store the power produced with domestic wind and solar energy. With time the size and capacity of batteries will keep on changing thus delivering unique services to the human race in technology.