If a battery is left inside an electronic device for a very long period of time, it can lead the battery chemical content to leak. The white colored chemical comes out of the battery and can cause damage to the electronic device.


The best way to prevent this is to remove the battery out of the electronic device when not in use. But in case the chemical has flown out of the battery, you need to carefully clean up the acid using the following method in order to avoid any kind of danger.

  1. Wear eyeglasses, hand gloves, face mask and have your hair tied back: It is necessary to take these precautions in order to protect your skin from coming in contact with the acid. Spread a few sheets of newspaper before starting the process.
  2. Plug out the battery using a toothpick or a screwdriver: This is a very crucial step. It is advisable to use a toothpick or a screwdriver as the heavily corroded battery might have got stuck permanently. There are high chances that when you try to do this, the corroded battery would fly in the air and hit your face. Therefore, it is important that you wear eyeglasses in order to protect your eyes from an accident.
  3. Clean it with baking soda: Devices like TV remote, wall clocks or any other electronic devices have alkaline batteries which contain potassium hydroxide. Though it is on the other end of the pH scale, it may still cause burns. Therefore, you need acid in order to clean the remaining electrolyte solution. However, when it comes to lead batteries or larger batteries, the electrolyte solution will consist of solutions like sulfuric acid or similar chemicals. In this case, you would require a different solution.
  4. Wipe the affected area with a cloth: Before starting with this step, make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned with the solution mentioned in the above step and nothing is left behind. Use a soft cloth to wipe the area.
  5. Clean with steel wool or toothbrush: Clean any marks of acid with a toothbrush or steel wool.
  6. Check for any damage: Once the acid is cleaned off, its time to check if there is any damage that has been caused due to the acid leak. Examine the circuit very carefully and make sure every part is in perfect condition. In case there is any kind of damage, you need to get the part replaced before using it again.
  7. Dispose of the battery: The battery disposal rules are different in different regions. You need to check the battery disposal rules and regulations of your region.