Your laptop gives you the power of accessibility wherever you go. Hence it is important to keep your laptop fully powered with a long-lasting battery. If your laptop battery charge fails to last for 25% or less of its maximum capacity, the battery should be replaced.

When it comes to laptop performance, safety and environment protection, HP Laptop Battery CQ42 and Toshiba PA3817U are some of the best options. Both these laptop batteries are well known for their performance. HP Laptop Battery CQ42 supports a wide range of models and charges super quick. It is easy to use and replace the old battery. It charges 50% in 30 minutes. Toshiba PA3817U, on the other hand, supports Toshiba Satellite.

Both these batteries have a capacity of 4400mAh. They can handle up to 500 recharge cycles over a lifetime. They are made of environment-friendly materials and are totally harmless to the environment. They have a built-in safety feature that enables PTC (Pressure, Temperature, Current) protection that provides overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, charge protection and over-temperature protection.