Cordless power tools have gradually become the favored choice for most professionals. The battery is the most important element in any cordless device. Compatibility between the tool and the battery must be paid a lot of attention


Below we list a few points in relation to battery compatibility:


Battery Type:

Three most popular battery options are NiCD (nickel cadmium), NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and Li-on (Lithium Ion). The latter is the latest and the most popular choice in recent times.


What does Ah stand for?:

Ah means ampere-hour which simply means how long will the battery last once it is fully charged. High the Ah value, the longer the battery will last.


What does Voltage do exactly?

Voltage is the measure of power your battery will provide your tool. Depending on the nature of the work you choose between 7v to a 36v battery.


Battery shape:

The shape of the battery varies between the various brands. The common shapes are clip-on, slide-on and stick batteries.


Battery weight:

The weight of the battery will impact the handling of the tool. The higher the Ah and Voltage greater will the weight.


Recharge and Self Discharge cycle:

The recharge cycle stands for the amount of time the battery can be reused or recharged while the self-discharge cycle is the measure of time the battery can maintain its power when it is not in use.


Compatible of Chargers

The compatibility of the charger should be taken very seriously since it can directly impact the life of your battery. It is best recommended that one choose a charger from the same brand as the battery.