Both of them perform the same function however there are certain aspects which makes them both different tools. Let us have a look at what is the difference between Impact Driver v/s Drills. A drill is a domestic toolbox indispensable for almost any DIY project or home repair purposes depending on the type of project.

On the other hand, an impact driver is more resourceful and is mostly used by professionals. With the help of the impact driver, one case easily removes stubborn nuts and bolts. These tools might look similar but there are certain variations that cannot be undermined. Both Impact Driver and driver come in corded and cordless models, offering a reverse direction setting to make releasing fasteners easier.

An impact driver is more compact and lightweight than a typical drill diver and generally has more torques or twisting force. Normal drills are mainly used for drilling holes and diving in small fasteners. On the other hand, the main motive of using impact driver by a professional is to drive large fasteners. They might look similar but they vary in their functioning. The motor of impact driver delivers power in quick rotary bursts to generate more torque when required and safeguard the wrist of the user by applying most of the cohesion downwards.

 The entire thing takes place automatically whenever the impact driver faces resistance. It runs typically in one gear but more advanced models are available in the market. Both of this Power Tool is efficient in their own ways but impact driver is more efficient in terms of fulfilling the purpose.