With the advent of technology, all machines are now operated with the help of batteries. Even our TV remotes run a pair of batteries. In today's era batteries are so ubiquitous that they are almost invisible to us. The world has witnessed the evolution of batteries since its invention in 1800. There has been a drastic change in the shape and capacity of batteries. Batteries have undergone major changes and have become more impactful and stronger. No one can even think of running a giant machine without the help of batteries. However, there are certain do's and don'ts of a battery that needs to be taken into account


  • It is important to charge the battery completely before using it
  • With the help of hydrometer, the state of the charge can be checked
  • It is extremely to read the instruction on appropriate charger setting
  • In order to maintain accurate level frequent addition of water is essential
  • Cold batteries should be given some extra time for charging
  • The batteries should be neutralized and washed when it is necessary
  • The top area of the battery should be kept clean and dry


  • Never ever discharge batteries
  • Too much of water should not be added
  • When not required batteries should not be charged this reduces the durability of batteries
  • Without turning off the charger batteries should not be disconnected
  • Other than battery water no other liquid should be added to batteries
  • Try not to damage connectors by dropping them on floor