The CR123A batteries are mainly known for their compactness as well as being comparatively lightweight. Even though these batteries come with a lightweight, they also provide better service because of their high capacity while maintaining a small package. CR123A batteries are primarily non-rechargeable.


Like many other batteries, the name of CR123A batteries contains a lot of information about the size and chemistry of it. The 23A indicates the size of the battery which 2/3 of the length of any standard A-size battery. The CR actually refers as a prefix which IEC uses to denote Lithium chemistry.


CR123A batteries were first used in Digital Cameras. Because the camera’s various functions such as LCD displays and bright flashes consume high power. But the modern digital cameras can adopt different power sources, so for the high-performance flashlights, CR123A batteries are the best option.


The lengths of these kinds of batteries are generally around 33.4 mm or 1.31 inch whereas the diameters are around 17 mm or .66 inch. This actually makes the CR123A battery significantly smaller than the AA battery, while the former produces almost twice the voltage than the latter.


The weight of CR123A batteries is also considerably low. These batteries weigh only 17 grams which makes them quite lighter than the AA batteries which weigh around 20 grams.


The lithium technology of the batteries has evolved quite much since its inception. The PTC protection circuits can protect against a variety of common issues that the users used to face.