Nothing is more annoying than a laptop which is a short life span. In today's world, lithium batteries are more common among customers due to their durability. Today when people mostly depend on electronic devices for which they need long-lasting batteries. Long lasting batteries helps them in satisfying their requirements and also does not burn a hole in their pockets. For this reason, rechargeable batteries are favored by the population of the world. The most common type of batteries that are found in laptops and mobile phones are (Li-ion or Li-Po) rechargeable batteries which can be recharged after using a certain percentage of it. However, there are certain dos and don’ts regarding the rechargeable batteries.


  • In order to long last the durability of the batteries it should be charged at a normal voltage.
  • The batteries should be partially recharged and discharge.
  • The battery should be refrigerated when it has a charge of near about 40-50% (Applicable in extremely hot temperature locations)
  • Another thing that should be added in the must to do list is that the battery should be cycled after a span of every few weeks.


  • One should not freeze the battery or else the durability of the battery will be destroyed.
  • Avoid ultra-fast charging it hampers the charging capacity of the battery. Only use fast charger if your phone supports.
  • One should not leave the battery fully charged on the laptop when the laptop is operating on AC power.