Hello! This is Enegitech’s family.


“Enegitech” is a harmonic combination of “Anna, Jim and Tyke”. 

They are a happy family in everyone's eye, so they named their little daughter Joy.

ANNA 29-year-old mummy is called “Anna”. Anna is a housewife who has a poor memory but with a sexy body. She loves life and enjoys everything good. 
“Jim” is the name of daddy. Jim works for a battery factory, is 36 years old, an environmentalist with strong hands-on ability. He always plays a role that nagging in the family. when Tyke always gets into trouble in every corner of the house, knowledgeable as he is, he always teaching Tyke in mild temperament.

 Their little boy is “Tyke” who is only 4 years old.

--"You little tyke."

--"Yes, I am Tyke."


Lovely daughter Joy is 2 years old, when she sees someone laughing, she laughs, too. Joy


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