A) Can you overcharge NiMH batteries?

    Overcharging the batteries leads to over-heating, which can damage the battery or it may lose its capacity. Overcharging leads to a decrease in the voltage of the battery. Overcharging a NiMH battery can result in the formation of hydrogen inside the battery. In some cases, it can also lead to an explosion.


    B) How long do Ni MH batteries last?

    If proper care is taken, a NiMH battery can last up to two to three years, which is approximately 500 to 1000 charges.


    C) How long do NiMH batteries hold a charge?

    NiMH batteries lose 20% to 50% of its charge within six months due to self-discharge, when not in use.


    D)Does NiMH battery have a memory effect?

    NiMH batteries do not have a memory effect and are safe to be charged anytime during the usage cycle.


    E) How do you store NiMH batteries?

    It is advisable to charge the NiMH batteries up to 30 – 35% before storing them. Following a charge-discharge cycle, every three months will be beneficial. If the battery has been kept under storage for a longer period, it is better to have them go through 3 – 4 recharge cycles so that it can regain its capacity fully.


    F) How do you take care of a NiMH battery?

     Here are some steps that you would want to follow in order to take good care of NiMH batteries:


    • Discharge and Recharge:Once in few months discharge the battery completely and recharge again. It reduces the possibility of crystal formation. There are chances of crystal formation in the area that have not been charged thoroughly.
    • Use them regularly:When the battery is not being used enough, it will lead to crystal formation, which reduces the batteries capacity to retain power.
    • Avoid using ultra-fast chargers:Ultra-fast chargers charge the battery up to 70% as charging them 100% will take time. Also, ultra-chargers lack trickle chargers that the normal chargers apply as soon as the charge reaches 100%.
    • Always charge at room temperature:Room temperature is something between 15 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Never charge in extremely high or extremely low temperatures.
    • Never use one single charger to charge batteries of different charge levels.It will heat up the weak battery. If it crosses certain levels, it might cause the battery to explode.
    • Store the battery in a cool dry place:If not, then the battery’s performance may be affected.  


    H) Do NiMH batteries can be dangerous?

     NiMH batteries are not completely safe. However, they are much safer than Lithium batteries. They are not as toxic as Lithium batteries. They are recyclable and hence environmental friendly.


    I) Do NiMH batteries get warm while charging?

     NiMH batteries normally get warmed up while charging up to 100%. They tend to become hot more if being charged with a rapid charger. However, if it remains hot for around 30 minutes, it means that it is being overcharged and this can adversely affect the battery life.