Life of a battery usually depends on various factors such as how frequently someone is using the device or the quality of the batteries that are being used. The following factors can affect the lifespan of your camera’s battery.


Busy Schedule: If you are a wedding photographer then it is natural that you will have to take a lot of photos in a small-time. Frequent using of your camera can drain the batteries of it more. However, ‘possible shots’ can be found in the Camera Instructions manual which will give you a clear idea about the longevity of the batteries.

Atmosphere: Weather actually does play an important role in how many pictures you can take. If you are shooting in a hot and humid area or a cold place then the temperature will affect the ability of the batteries which can decrease the number of shots. So it is recommended to keep more batteries if you are traveling to these places.

Using GPS or Wi-Fi: Though these functions are not mostly needed for common people. But for professional photographers, GPS and Wi-Fi are very important. When you are using these features while clicking photos your batteries will get drained more than usual.

Using Flash and LCD Screen: Though being easily accessible, the built-in flash on the camera can eat up a lot of your battery’s power. So do not use it whenever possible. Also, changing the brightness of the LCD screen and using the power saving mode can help you save the power of the battery.