Household batteries are predominantly used in most households. They are also known as single-use batteries and are most commonly used for operating our day to day electronic devices such TV remotes, AC remotes, wireless children’s toys, torches, clocks, smoke detectors, etc. These batteries come in various capacities such as AA, AAA, 9V, D cell and so on. Simply put, if the batteries cannot be recharged or reused again they are your household single-use batteries.


Simple methods to dispose of your household batteries:


  1. Discard batteries in your trash:

Most brands in recent times make use of non-hazardous materials with an alkaline composition to build our batteries. You can hence quite safely discard your old batteries in your regular trash.


  1. Recycle with agencies like Earth911:

Most single-use batteries can be recycled. Earth 911 and similar agencies provide you with a great option to recycle your old household batteries. Agencies such as these mostly have local collection centers and a help-line contact number providing all the required information towards recycling.


  1. Recycle with local retailers:

Local retailers like electronic vendors or jewelers also accept old batteries. A simple drive and drop off and you are free of your old batteries.


  1. Recycle with Government Waste Management Agencies:

Government waste management agencies could be another simple option to discard your batteries.


  1. Switch to Rechargeable batteries:

An easier and simple solution would be to switch to using rechargeable batteries instead of single-use batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be re-used several times over in comparison to the single-use batteries.