Electronic devices are found in abundance in most of our homes. Most of them rely on batteries to function. Our TV remotes, AC remotes, clocks, smoke detectors, wireless toys our children play with, etc all function predominantly on batteries. In recent times, the demand for rechargeable batteries has been increasing since they can be used around 1000 times through a simple recharging device in comparison to the single-use batteries. Several brands are now offering rechargeable batteries in various capacities like AA or AAA for various needs.


Rechargeable batteries contain elements like nickel, cadmium, cobalt, etc. which are hazardous to our environment. In such a case, the recycling method is highly recommended as a disposal method for rechargeable batteries. There are several agencies like a hazardous waste collection facility, recycling facility or certified electronic retailer to dispose of your old rechargeable batteries.


Below are a few simple options towards the disposal of rechargeable batteries:


  1. Recycle with Local Retailers:

Many local retailers most commonly an electronic retailer accept old rechargeable batteries for recycling. Simple online research and help you to identify such retailers.


  1. Recycle with agencies like Earth911 or Call2Recycle:


Earth 911 and similar agencies commonly have a local recycling drop off center where you can drop off your old rechargeable batteries for recycling them. They also have a helpline number where you can call to inquire about such centers.


  1. Recycle with Government facilities:

Government waste management facilities are another solution to dispose of your old rechargeable batteries. Most of such facilities are present in various regions and can be easily located with a little light online research.