Lithium-ion batteries are batteries that have the potential to change the world in technology. These batteries have become the first priorities and are widely used across all devices. These batteries have made a lot of promises helping the world to get rid of numerous challenges in the future. However, there are many shortcomings that need to be recognized. Another major reason is that it lasts more than 1 year nearly 2-3 years irrespective of whether it has been used or kept as idle. The lithium battery is also known as the miracle battery because the merit of these batteries outweighs its limitations. For this reason, they can be said as the future of the world.

There are various reasons for which lithium-ion batteries are hailed as the future of the world. However, the world has to compromise on certain shortcomings of the batteries. Apart from that, it is not pocket-friendly which makes it difficult to buy for the commercial market. Nowadays consumers opt for those things which are pocket-friendly and satisfy their requirements. Since it is expensive people try not to opt for them, however, if the price of these prices is cut down then it has the potential to become a favorite of the customers. This love affair with lithium-ion batteries is not going to cool time any time, this can only escalate with time.

It is also commonly used in almost most of the devices due to its capacity in future more powerful lithium batteries will knock the door in the market.