There are a few differences that can be found between AAA and AA batteries. There are some very obvious differences whereas some others are quite unknown.  A few of them are-

  • The most obvious and easily found difference between a AA and AAA battery is their size. The size of the AAA batteries is smaller than that of the AA batteries. Also, the AA battery is wider than AAA batteries.
  • The flow of electricity through a conductor is considered as the current. Battery size also determines the amount of currently available in a battery. The amount of current carrying through the AA batteries is more than the AAA batteries.
  • The AAA batteries are designed for the low-powered small portable devices like remote controls and various wall clocks. Whereas the devices which consume more power will need AA devices such as the bigger toys which run on batteries.
  • Voltage is a measure of a battery’s electrical; potential. Even though both AA and AAA batteries have the same amount of voltage but the capacity of an AA battery is much higher than the latter. Because of this, AA battery can provide its service for more time than the AAA battery because it stores more charge.
  • The AAA batteries are costlier when compared to the AA batteries. Because the AA batteries are very common and usually are more sold than the AAA batteries. So the product which has more product and demand will come at a lesser price.