Recycling your old batteries is the most recommended disposal method. It is also environmentally safe. There are now several methods you can choose for your recycling needs. Agencies such as Earth911 or Call2Recycle offer great recycling options, local retailers also accept old batteries for recycle while government waste management facilities are always present near you. In recent times you can also choose to mail your old discarded batteries.


Methods to prepare your batteries for recycling:


  1. Cautious handling:

It is highly recommended that you wear gloves while handling any form of old batteries which are being disposed of. Gloves will protect your hands from any seepage or an unexpected jolt from a residual charge.


  1. Tape the top of the batteries:

Applying a piece of tape on the top of a discarded battery may help prevent any unforeseen risk situation such as a fire if there is still some power left in them.


  1. Use separate bags:

A simple way to prepare would be to use separate bags to store batteries to avoid opposite terminals from coming into contact from the perspective of safety.


  1. Use the packing of new batteries:

You can use the packing of the new batteries you have bought as a replacement to store your old batteries.


  1. Use cardboard or plastic boxes:

Plastic and Cardboard are non-conductors as materials which makes them a secure option to store your old batteries.


  1. Store in a cool and dry place:

Selecting an ideal location to store your old batteries should also be taken seriously. The best location would be selecting a cool and dry location to keep your old batteries. Heat can cause a reaction in the batteries creating a risky situation, so avoid such locations.