For over a span of 100 years, Makita has been a leader in the field of manufacturing power tools. Established in 1915 as a producer of electric motors and repair company. In contemporary times, Makita is a global brand and a leader of innovation with 10 plants in 8 countries with professionals in over 40 countries opting for Makita products. In 2015, Makita released their 100th 18V tool continuing their excellence and leadership in the market.

Enegitech has established themselves as an all in one provider for all needs related to batteries. They manufacture batteries for a wide range of global products for professional and personal use. At Enegitech, you can buy an appropriately compatible replacement charger for Makita devices.

Below we have listed a few essential facts about Enegitech replacement 18V DC18RC battery charger for Makita:


Enegitech’s DC18RC is a power-packed 7.2V – 18V Lithium-ion based replacement battery charger is an ideal substitute option for Makita devices. The charger is configured with a feature to actively monitor the battery while it is charging which helps protect the battery against issues related to current, voltage and temperature fluctuations. The charger comes with a rapid charging feature which means you can now recharge your 5.0Ah battery is only 45 minutes saving one a lot of time while working. The charger has a LED Screen with indicators to monitor the status of the battery while in charging mode. The indicator options show you whether the battery is charged, still charging, if the battery is hot or cold and most importantly if the battery is defective.

Cost Comparison

The DC18RC replacement charger for Makita products offered by Enegitech is a superior product and a very affordable price. The charger costs just $25.99 despite including a wide range of modern features. Makita’s original charger with the same configuration costs $49.99. Opting for Enegitech charger helps you save $24.


The best quality of Enegitech DC18RC replacement charger for Makita products is that it can be used for more models offered by Makita. It is a combination of many chargers put together in one hence helps you save money on buying different chargers. Another important aspect about quality is that the charger comes with a Certificate of Compliance and an FCC Verification of Conformity. Enegitech offers a 30-day refund policy along with a 1-year warranty.