The secret of the longer lifespan of your tools is to keep them clean regularly. It simply extends their life and allows you the scope to ensure they remain free of rust. This can only be made possible by applying lubricant to their metal parts. It is a natural habit of people of throwing away the manuals after receiving the object. Instead of throwing away instruction manuals for your power tools, keep they nearby so that you can refer to it to know which parts require oiling regularly.

Power tool maintenance is essential for its smooth running and lasting for a longer period as they are the investment that you want to last for a long time. For this, it is necessary to keep them clean and keep them lubricated to ensure that they remain in good shape.

You can even use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and particles on the slotted tracks, such as those on a mitre saw. Power tool cleaning can also be done by using a paintbrush to remove dust from most of the other areas. After cleaning them you can apply lubricant to the moving parts, wiping away any excess so that it does not attract dust.

If you allow excess dust to build up it increases the possibility of strain and stress on these components. You are required to keep smaller power tools clean and free of dust such as jigsaw, circular saw, angle grinder and other power tools. This similar regime can also be followed in the case of 18V power tool care.