In today’s era, we hardly know anyone who doesn’t own a mobile phone. But not many of us have any knowledge about mobile batteries. Below, you would come across the various types of batteries that our mobile phones consist of.

Basically, there are 2 types of mobile phone batteries i.e., Lithium Ion [Li-ion] Battery and Lithium Polymer [Li-pol] battery

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lithium-Ion Batteries are widely being used in mobile phones for quite a long time now.  The density of energy of these batteries is high when compared to that of Li-Polymer batteries and they come with an in-built protection circuit which prevents overheating of the battery and this further prevents the battery from exploding. While the chemical composition of both Li-ion and Li-Po batteries are similar, it is this protection circuit that distinguishes these two types of batteries. Most of the mobile phones are generally equipped with Lithium-Ion Batteries and Li-Po batteries have been recently brought into existence. The manufacturing cost of these batteries is relatively cheaper than that of Li-Po ones.  Devices that require high energy capacities in order to function are equipped with Li-ion batteries.

Lithium-Polymer Batteries:

Li-Po Batteries are the latest technology in the world of mobile phone batteries. These batteries have got a range of advanced features that sets them apart from the other cell phone batteries. A few of its features include being exceedingly light in weight; battery capacity of these batteries is a bit higher than that of other types of batteries available in the market.