NiMh batter or nickel metal hydride battery which is a type of a rechargeable battery. The fundamental concept of nickel-metal hydride cell negative electrode emanated from research on the storage of hydrogen for application as an alternative source of energy in the year 1970. These batteries are mainly an extension of nickel-cadmium battery technology. Many battery applications are fabricated that are powered by NiMh rechargeable batteries. Generally, devices that need a huge amount of energy are used more often is a good match to the performance attributes of NiMh batteries.

There are a few advantages of NiMh batteries that are:

  • Energy density that can be easily transferred into either longer times or minimizing in space required for the battery
  • The biggest strength of these batteries that it can be reused after charging. This is the unique property of these batteries.
  • These batteries can be recharged for several times which is the biggest advantage of these batteries

However, the life of these batteries is limited to 5 years or less than that. This property of this battery makes them a less expensive source of power for frequently battery-operated devices. Such type of batteries is mainly used in electric razors, mobile phones, cameras, toothbrushes, pagers, and many others. Thus, it can be said that it is suitable to use NiMh batteries mostly in electronic devices since it has higher capacity and is long lasting. These batteries can also be reused which makes it more economical and popular among the common people.