Portable tools are defined as tools that can be carried by hand. As the name suggests the tool will be portable in nature. Portable power tools are a general category of tools that are used in constructing and manufacturing industries, fabricated to be moved easily from one place to another. We usually prefer those tools which are portable in nature. In other words, this is referred to small tools which can be carried inside a tool belt or can be easily shipped in a toolbox making it convenient. These tools can be either electric tools powered by a cordless or cord. Portable tools have emerged as necessities in the modern industry which can be easily purchased from any tool shop. The drill is one such portable tools which can be carried with ease from one place to another.

Things you should consider before operating portable tools are as follows

  • Portable power tools must not be used unless they are authorized
  • Inspection of these tools on a daily basis is mandatory so as to make sure that they function properly in time
  • One must not use damaged or defective tools or the result can be hazardous
  • All these tools must be rightly grounded
  • Tools whose guards have been removed must not be used
  • These tools must not be used while they are in contact with water. This is a general fact that a person must know before using it.

These are the things that one must know before using these tools and these facts are also applicable in case of 18V power tools.