When we say an angle grinder is versatile, you better believe it can do more than just cut and shape your workpieces. Angle grinder comes in both corded and cordless. Cordless Angle grinder has much to offer in the way of convenience, ease of use and portability.  As long as you keep some long-lasting batteries handy, cordless angle grinder will work as long as you want to.

 Cutting and Grinding

 The basic functionality of angle grinder is grinding and cutting. Apart from metal, it can grind stone, ceramic, and even concrete. An Angle grinder knows as versatile as its ability to handle wheels and accessories. They are mainly used for a straight cut of any metal but can be used for curving purpose. It comes in handy in a number of situations –can be used at construction sites where dried concrete is covering floors or walls

 Metal cleaning

An Angle grinder is used to cut thin metals with the appropriate cutting disc. Also, can be used to cut rusted bolts, iron fencing or rebar because they employ an aluminium oxide.

Sharpening Tools

With an angle grinder, you can sharp any metal you possess. Just take the grinding wheel with a standard blade attachment and graze the edge of your shovel or lawnmower blades ever-so-gently.