It is regarded as a tool that delivers robust, sudden and rotational force and forwards thrust when it gets stuck on the back with a hammer. This is the most elementary of discussing what impact driver is. It is mostly used by mechanics to loosen larger screws and those nuts that are frozen corrosively or over-torque. Impact drivers are mostly used by homeowners and professionals instead of cordless drills.

These tools are smaller and lighter than drill driver making it more convenient. However, they are not as versatile; they will perform many similar functions. Since their torque output is higher than a normal drill driver, they get through more quickly. These tools are high torque that is used basically for driving screws and tightening nuts. Like the cordless drill, great deals are to be had on some of our favorable impact drivers.

18V Impact Driver will do the same task that a normal impact driver will perform the same task. This type of drill is ideal for removing stubborn screws or bolts when reversing the spin rotation. The hammering action that has been activated in these drills makes it easier to remove fasteners that corded.

18v power tool is a mixture impact wrench and impact driver. This is a unique chuck that accepts bits or sockets. In case of impact drivers, much pressure is not required to be applied which is necessary in case of power drill so as to prevent the drive bit from slipping. 18V Brushless Impact Driver will also perform the same function as an 18V impact driver.