For most people who have come across a cut-off tool and an angle grinder for the first time, for example, the issue is always on the difference between them. You have probably come across a cut-off tool and angle grinder, but the difference between the two is constantly lingering on your mind, Question like How big is the metal that you need to cut?

Cut-off tools

A cut off tool is one of the small and handheld tools used for cutting or sharpening metal work-pieces. Can be found corded, cordless, or operated pneumatically, also have light-duty motors that clock in right around 1hp. Mostly they are lightweight and operated with one hand which make work easier. It has a 3-inch cutting disc size, therefore used to cut thin metal pieces or tiny welding beads.

Angle grinders

Looking something more substantial for cutting, an angle grinder might be the better option. It is designed with a large grinding disc till 9 inches makes it efficient for heavy-duty applications. Also fitted with a range of attachments permitting not just cutting but grinding and sharpening. They are more powerful, with motors ranging from 3-7hp. Not only metal but also masonry like bricks can be cut through angle grinder. They are operated with both hands to maintain proper control on tool.

Each of the tools is operated differently. The more versatility and added power the angle grinder has, the costlier it is. As for the cut off tool, it has less power and is used on a narrower range of materials which translates into low purchasing costs.