Like all other batteries, iPhone batteries will eventually die too. So it is always better to keep track of some brilliant replacements.

TuoFang Lithium-ion: If you own an iPhone6 and are worried that the battery of your phone might die anytime soon, then TuoFang’s high capacity Lithium-ion replacement battery can help you. This 2150mAh high capacity battery with the brand new 0 cycle technology can complete 500-800 charge cycles. Also, professional repair kit and the instruction manual is also provided with the battery which makes it easy to install.

HWG Li-ion Battery: Another popular and one of the best replacement batteries for your iPhone6 is provided by HWG. This battery comes with 2200mAh of capacity with 0 cycle technology which offers more than 500 efficient charge cycles. 8 useful tools, adhesive strips with a instructions manual is included with the pack which will help you install the battery with ease. HWG also offers 12 months guaranty and friendly customer service.

HoneyBull Battery (1440mAh): HoneyBull offers this brilliant replacement battery for the iPhone5 users. This prime quality battery provides the high capacity that you and your phone needs. All the tools for installation and an instruction book are provided with the pack so you can install the battery to your phone without wasting any time.

HOMSUM Battery: This battery replacement provided by Homsum is compatible with your iPhone5S or 5C. The 0 cycle technology boosts the durability of the battery whereas the tool kit and instructions manual given with the pack makes the installation easier for you.