Enegitech manufactures a wide range of battery options for all kind of brands across the globe. They are a global brand aiming to create a one-stop solution in the field of battery requirements. Enegitech also provides a wide range of battery options for various Apple iPhone model series.


The below information will help you decide why to choose Enegitechs iPhone replacement battery:


Enegitech offers replacement batteries for the iPhone are available for models series from iPhone 5S to iPhone 7 Plus. The capacities of the replacement batteries range from 1560mAh to 2900mAh. The batteries are powered with the latest Lithium-Ion based technology. Enegitech accompanies the battery along with a screen protector, adhesive, spudger, metal tweezer, star screwdriver, opening tool and a suction cup which are simply included as they are necessary tool required to replace your old iPhone battery.


Battery Life
The Enegitech replacement batteries for Apple iPhone series are available in battery capacity range from 1560 mAh to 2900 mAh depending on the various series of models. The inclusion of the latest 0 Cycle technology gives the battery a longer life spans.


The Enegitech replacement batteries for Apple iPhone series of phones are available at very affordable prices ranging from $12.99 to $18.99 depending on the different models from Apple.



Each Enegitech replacement battery for iPhones is tested individually before being made available for purchase. They also come with a wide range of quality assurances from FCC Verification of Conformity, CE and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) verifying they fulfill the Grade A+ quality assurance.


The replacement battery from Enegitech offers a wide range of safety and protection features such as over temperature protection, overcharging protection, overload protection, protection against short circuit, over power protection, over correct protection, PTC protection for the lithium polymer battery cells, protection for voltage fluctuations and safeguard protection.

Service Guarantee

Each product offered by Enegitech always comes with a Certificate of Compliance and an FCC Verification of Conformity as appropriate quality assurances. Enegitech also offers a 30-day refund policy and a 1-year warranty on their batteries.