The impact driver has become the new jargon on the internet currently for a few numbers of reasons. On the surface, they appear to be like very much normal drill. However, there is a huge difference in their functionality. They differ from other drills in terms of the way they perform. The most important of which is the higher rotational torque which means that the impact drill bits can penetrate tougher material with ease.

In addition to this, an impact driver is free from kickback and the driver bits will stay within the slots of the screw better as it drives. It is more of like a cordless drill. The driver has a hex-shaped driver bit instead of the keyless chuck. The impact driver is used to driving large fasteners. It is easy to use Long screws and with the help of an adapter and lag bolts can be driven in with ease by an impact driver. I need an impact driver because this is one of the fundamental tools that are used in any level of construction.

The device comes in handy if you are not functioning properly. While a standard drill should be your initial choice when possible, the impact driver makes it perfectly good replacement when you actually want to get the job done. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you use an impact driver for drilling and driving.

The first thing you cannot ignore is that you need to check the drill bit to see if it is hexagonal shaped shank or not. The advantage of the hex shaft bit is that it will not slip and become non-functional during the operation.

When you are using impact driver, you should see the impact bits which are fabricated to work with the driver itself. This means that you are having a full range of bits so that you can use them for the type of drilling that you are required to achieve.