Dewalt is a well-known global brand in the field of professional power tools and accessories. Established in the year 1922, Dewalt has been trusted by professionals in the toughest of job sites. Enegitech focuses its major attention to providing the best solutions for all battery related needs in one location. At Enegitech you can buy a great replacement charger for most devices from Dewalt.


Below we have a look into the specific attributes of Enegitech’s DCB118 4.5A Fast Charger 12V Max – 20V Max Replacement for Dewalt 20V Battery Charger which will decide why this product is the best alternate option for tools from Dewalt:




The DCB118 replacement charger from Enegitech is designed with the capability to charge a wide range of Dewalt devices. The charger can charge any Lithium-Ion based battery with a wide range of voltage frequency of 7.2 V to 20V power capacity. The charger can charge many different kinds of tools which eradicate expense for buying different chargers.  The charger is designed to monitor changes in current, voltage and temperature during the charging process ensuring protection and longer battery life. The chargers output frequency is at 4.5A which simply helps in charging any devices faster helping to save a lot of time while in the field. The quick charge feature charges a 2.0 Ah battery in 25 minutes while 6.0 Ah battery charges fully in just one hour. The battery comes with an in-built IC to protect from overheating, over current, overload, overcharging and short circuit related issues. The charger has indicator lights to help to know about the charging status of the battery.


Cost Comparison


The original chargers available from Dewalt range from $45 to $69 while the options from Enegitech are at very affordable range from $25 to $30. Enegitech apart from its price range offers a wide of amazing features.




The replacement charger for Dewalt tools from Enegitech is designed with a Built-in 6 detection signal line which helps in detection and protection for each battery cell independently against any unforeseen power, current, voltage or temperature fluctuations and related issues.


Each product manufactured and made available for purchase from Enegitech is accompanied with a Certificate of Compliance and an FCC Verification of Conformity as assurances for their high-quality power and battery products. Enegitech also offers a 30-day refund policy along with a 1-year warranty on each of their products.